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Welcome to SAODC, helping people to train their dogs for over sixty years.
Train your dog from PUPPY to ADULT for only $75.00 full membership for the whole year.

(Sorry but membership payment is by cash or cheque we do not have credit facilties).
See membership and events pages for details.

TUESDAY MORNING obedience classes will be cancelled if the forecast maximum temperature for the day, broadcast at 9am that day, is 32C or over.
You can also check by clicking on BOM Adelaide weather forecast
Please note the forecast temperature cut off for tuesday morning training has been INCREASED from 30C to 32c.

TUESDAY EVENING obedience classes will be cancelled if the temperature AT 5PM. as broadcast on AM radio 891 is 35 deg. or over (between 34.5c & 34.9c is rounded up to 35).
Or If the BOM site shows between 34.5c & 34.9c at 5.00pm it will be rounded up to 35c and there will be no training.
Click on Latest BOM Adelaide half hourly temperature, the 5.00 pm temp is display after 5.05 pm
Any morning or evening when heavy constant RAIN has been falling rendering the grounds unsafe training will be cancelled.
You can check by ringing the clubrooms after 9.30 am or 6.30 pm that day on 8223 6626

SAODC  grounds and club rooms are sited in Adelaide's parklands just south of St Andrew's Hospital and accessed via South terrace then turning right into Beaumont road.
The club grounds are near the end of the road on your right.
See the contact page for a map.
CLICK HERE to download a COLOUR version of the October 2016 Chatter Sheet.

Agility is now on a THURSDAY NIGHT, go to the classes page for details.
New members are welcome and can register tuesday mornings and evenings.

On any Thursday evening Agility training will be cancelled if the temperature at 4pm is 32 or over.

You can also check by ringing the clubrooms after 6.30 pm that day on 8223 6626

The South Australian Obedience Dog Club was founded in 1955 by the late Harold Camm, a longtime instructor with the German Shepherd Dog League, who was concerned that training was not available anywhere at that time to cater for all breeds of dogs.

S.A.O.D.C. was established as the first all-breeds dog training club to serve Adelaide and the surrounding community, it has done this continuously and successfully ever since, an achievement and history of which we are very proud.

In those early years, the late Nelson Gare gained South Australia's first Australian Obedience Championship in 1964 with his Boxer, Boxendale Bold Beau, the first of many such honours since achieved by S.A.O.D.C. Members, several of whom have shared their experience and skills with us as Instructors.

S.A.O.D.C. accepts all breeds and cross breeds for training, is affiliated with the South Australian Canine Association (Dogs SA) and is bound by their rules and regulations.
The club enjoys a good working relationship with our governing body, and with other Dog Obedience clubs operating under their 'umbrella', as well as with the Adelaide City Council in whose parklands our Clubrooms and grounds are situated.

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